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Resolutions for 2020

With Christmas just around the corner, perhaps there's a few of you (we include ourselves in this) that are yet to buy Christmas presents. The team here at The Modern Calligraphy Co. are trying something a bit different this year, by giving the gift of experiences. Think cinema tickets for our children, tickets to a play for our parents, a voucher for afternoon tea for grandma. If you have someone you want to buy for with a love of calligraphy, a voucher for one of our workshops (we have two brilliant, and totally new 4-week courses starting in the New Year if you are feeling generous) is perfect. When you order one you can download and print it off so they have something to open on Christmas day. They can then select the workshop date and location that they prefer.

The idea of giving the gift of an experience and even learning something too is not new. It ties in nicely with another tradition that appears to be less popular these days, making a New Year’s Resolution. Only 1 in 5 (37%) of us Brits hope to “improve themselves in some way.”

So why the move away from making resolutions? There appears to be a reluctance if not cynicism surrounding the tradition, in fact a whopping 62% of us will not make any. The problem lies with the fact typical resolutions are grounded in the idea that we will deny ourselves something, and expect to be able to change a long-term habit. Habits are conditioned and automatic responses and prove the hardest to change. Only 27% of those that made them last year kept them.

Can you guess the most popular resolutions? Exercise more, lose weight, get organised, live life to the fullest, save more/spend less, quit smoking, spend more time with family and friends, travel more, read more.

We have all tried one if not a few of these top ten, to find our determination waivers at a certain point! There's a day of the year which is now called “Quitters Day”, it isn’t the middle of the new year, or even a few months after it. The 12th of January is the day many of us decide our resolutions are not manageable, @OfficialUmairS on twitter captures it perfectly

“January 1st: Gym is entirely FILLED! January 10th: Gym is almost empty #NewYearsResolutionsFail

Well we want to change the growing negative approach to New Year’s Resolutions!

Let’s take a fresh approach this year. The end of the year is the perfect time to look at our mental health, our inner happiness and take stock of what we can change for the better. However, we need to change the experience into a positive one, think less deny ourselves something to achieve our goal and more gain. Gain knowledge, health, valued time with loved ones, gain time back from staring at our devices, gain social confidence and a renewed energy for life.

We need to make small changes and goals that are achievable. Those who made a resolution with a goal in mind, for example taking up running to enter a race later in the year, will have a higher success rate, 92% of those were still active ten months later.

We are all for an affirmative perspective, which is part of the reason we have created the two new 4 week courses. People that attend our workshops often ask for the option to learn over a longer period and really build their skills. For the great price of £120 it is the perfect gift to a loved one (or yourself) this Christmas. At the end of the course you will have spent time with new people; learnt new skills; and have produced your own unique artwork to display with pride in your home - a wonderful visual reminder of just how far you have come.

The first course is called “The Perfect Piece” where we will teach you to shape words - we will meet for 2.5 hours every Tuesday evening 7-9.30pm, running from Tuesday 21st January to 11th February. Making a shaped piece can often seem a little daunting, so over this four week course, we will break it down into simple steps and teach you how to create a beautifully balanced calligraphic artwork in a simple form of your choice such as a heart or square. We’ll look closely at layout, composition, knitting your lettering together, flourishing and embellishments.

Our second course is called “The Perfect Piece using Resist”- again over four weeks meeting every Tuesday evening running from Tuesday 25th February to Tuesday 17th March 2020. Over this four-week course, Kirsten will teach you the expert tips and the tricks you need to be able to successfully master this combination of techniques. You’ll explore colour blending, metallic washes, highlights and embellishing techniques that can help you to bring your calligraphy to life. Working with masking fluid and coloured washes, gives amazing, dramatic results. Your calligraphy will shine out of a coloured background, with a brightness that can’t be matched by any other technique, allowing you to create a stunning layered artwork.

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to reassess our lifestyle and make small changes to help us achieve the most out of the coming year. There is something appealing about seeing it like a blank page, waiting for you to try something new. If you decide to make New Year’s Resolutions this year try our tips to ensure you get past “quitters day”, with a smile on your face and a lightness in your step. We would love for you to join us on one of our four-week courses and help you fulfil your resolution.

If a workshop isn't for you but building up your calligraphy skills for 2020 does appeal to you , then our book called A Year in Calligraphy takes you through the year, progressing your skills each month. With step by step projects and new skills to learn in each chapter, we know you will be inspired to keep going with your calligraphy all year long.

Let us know in your comments what New Year’s Resolutions you will make in year 2020 and if you would like to share what you have done with us please do. We are starting a new # especially for you to show us your calligraphy projects or pieces inspired by us in any way. #themoderncalligraphyclub

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