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Commision a Calligraphy Artwork

There's nothing more luxurious and stylish than having your ideas turned into works of art.
Kirsten Burke is the UK’s leading modern calligrapher. Formally trained and with over 25 years of experience, there’s no one better to create your masterpiece. With prices starting at £200, and a huge array of different styles available, why not get in touch with us to discuss making your ideas come to life?


Kirsten Burke is a world-renowned calligraphic artist working with leading luxury brands.  As founder and creative director of The Modern Calligraphy Company, she aims to inspire beginners to start learning and encourage professionals to continue to develop their calligraphy skills.


A powerhouse of creativity, Kirsten has dedicated her career to the study and practice of calligraphy. Having trained under some of the most renowned calligraphers in the world such as Ewan Clayton, Gaynor Goffe and Miriam Stribley she made understanding the principles of traditional styles so that she could push the boundaries of lettering design. she has developed her own unique style of expressive calligraphy, incorporating her own artistic sensibility and creative vision. She is a sought-after calligrapher, having shown her work in London galleries, and with her work still on show at The Globe Theatre.


She now works closely with luxury brands to develop calligraphy concepts and creates content for the MCC team to deliver. Her depth of knowledge, skill and understanding make her the go-to consultant for magazines, and with 5 books teaching calligraphy, she is the undisputed queen of modern calligraphy.

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