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A Year in Calligraphy

Take your creative lettering to the next level with A Year in Calligraphy. The latest book from Kirsten Burke and The Modern Calligraphy Company is packed full of fun, easy-to-follow projects and techniques that will inspire you through every season: create everything from calendars and cards to baubles and biscuits!

The projects here will develop your creative lettering skills with nib pens, brush pens, paintbrushes as well as bullet tips pens for techniques like monoline and faux calligraphy. You'll be writing on pumpkins, bottles, watering cans, wrapping paper and more. Then, record and reflect on your new skills in the journal pages each month to help you track your progress and look back over the skills you've learnt. 

With practice space and traceable letters throughout, as well as template cards to pull out, use and keep, this is the perfect book for crafty calligraphers looking for for their next project. 

A Year in Calligraphy

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