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Keeping in touch.

We are living through extraordinary times. Times that call for greater emotional connection through empathy and kindness. Each day we hear of the loss of loved ones to coronavirus, of our selfless NHS staff working around the clock to save lives under the most extreme conditions, and of the intense loneliness and isolation that people of all ages are experiencing.

As I write, here in the UK we’re in our third lockdown. For so many, this time forces us to be apart from those we love, from family support, from friendships that nurture us, from the comfort of a simple hug we may not have felt for months. But there are small (yet significant) things we can do to show the love and solidarity we feel for what others are going through.

To know that someone has empathy with your situation can be of such great comfort. Thanks to the postal service we’re still able to reach people the old fashioned way, so why not pop something special in the mail and let them know you care?

Perhaps you know a medical key worker who is feeling the immense weight of responsibility during this time? Perhaps a teacher doing their best to support children via a computer screen? Perhaps it is a parent trying to juggle work and family all under one roof, or a friend or family member you miss dearly… Whoever it is, your thoughts and effort to make contact - if only from a distance - will make a positive difference to their day.

Whether it’s a handwritten letter, a card or perhaps a piece of uplifting art, there’s so much we can do to show someone we’re thinking of them. If you’re looking for creative inspiration, feel free to visit our beginner series blog pages or even join one of our live online workshops!

Here at The Modern Calligraphy Company, we offer a range of Empathy cards which are perfect for sending to someone you care about. This range was inspired by my personal experience with cancer. First diagnosed with breast cancer aged 30, I have fought the disease three times, the last being in 2015. I was lucky that each time the cancer hadn't spread further, so with the help of chemo, radiotherapy and numerous operations, I am now in remission. What struck me was that every time I was battling the disease, I noticed that friends who were genuinely concerned and wanted to help, sometimes struggled to express their thoughts or feelings. As a result, they often ended up saying nothing and seemed to disappear from my life.

As a greetings card designer for the last eighteen years, I took inspiration from my own experiences and decided to fill the gap. Of course, there are already sympathy and get well soon cards, but not much for empathy - to let someone know you’re there, that your thoughts are with them, even if you’re not quite sure what to say.

I hope you like the cards – they have been created with great love and the hope that anyone currently finding life a struggle will find their path a little less lonely.

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Loved your Work, Keep Sharing

Kirsten Burke
Kirsten Burke
26 de jul. de 2022
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Thank you xx

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