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Our central team based in Chichester manages the business's core operations, handling bookings, scheduling, customer inquiries, marketing, and running workshops for individuals and businesses interested in learning calligraphy. The design team creates educational materials, lesson plans, and resources for teaching calligraphy to fit the needs of every client. 

Meanwhile, the nationwide team of calligraphers we have under our umbrella allows the business to offer calligraphy services both in terms of education and commercial projects on a broader scale across the UK.


Celebrity-Studded Party at The National Gallery

An extravaganza at The National Gallery exemplified the power of art to unite, inspire, and transform. Celebrities mingled with guests and explored the gallery's treasures alongside art aficionados.


Click-of-a-Button Workshops for WeWork

Our unique approach to delivering calligraphy workshops creates a harmonious blend of local expertise and centralised coordination for WeWork's community around the U.K.

Ink & Innovation with TikTok

By sending skilled calligraphers onsite, this program aims to promote creativity, team-building, and a unique form of engagement among TikTok employees.

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