Modern Calligraphy Masterclasses

Unique in the UK, The Modern Calligraphy Co. Live Event Masterclasses have been designed to give you the skills and confidence needed to be able to perform at the highest level, in this extremely competitive field. 


Tailored to the needs of enthusiastic amateurs and professional calligraphers, Master Calligrapher Kirsten Burke will demonstrate and train you to be able to perform 'live' under pressure, Jill Hembling our MD, will introduce you to the commercial aspects of this business and then Maisie will give you feedback on your live event work and help with social media  .


What does it cover?

What goes on behind the scenes

Understanding a brief

Rates of pay

Expert tips and tricks

Skills troubleshooting

Working onto different textures, surfaces, and products

One to one feedback, development areas

Navigating social Media

Using photography to showcase your work

  • 03/10 Masterclass: Online Pointed Nib | Building Your Career
    03 Oct, 19:00 BST – 04 Oct, 21:00 BST
    £195 3 week course plus specialist materials

If you would be interested in attending a Masterclass in a different area, 

please register your interest and suggest an area:

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Jill & Kirsten

Kirsten Burke and Jill Hembling run the masterclasses, giving you lots of 'one on one' time, as well as inspiring and enlightening group demonstrations. They pack the class full of tips and expert knowledge, as they follow a carefully structured lesson plan.