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Online Calligraphy Courses

Decide how you would be most comfortable learning, either face to face at a local calligraphy class near you, a virtual class live-streamed, or you might prefer a pre-recorded class so that you can stop/start and fit learning around your other commitments.


An online workshop is a wonderful way to learn calligraphy. Partake in this mindful activity from home and watch an expert calligrapher close-up on your screen demonstrating each letter stroke. 


Most of our workshops are suitable for complete beginners — no experience is necessary. Beyond Beginner, workshops are for those that already have the basics under their belts and want to expand their knowledge.


Online Class Features


In our easy-to-follow online calligraphy classes the tutor’s hand is magnified so you can see every movement of the pen and hand, making it simple for you to mimic. You can also ask questions in real time, so you can get the most from your experience. 


We are passionate about creating a community of calligraphy enthusiasts, so for each of our courses, we set up WhatsApp groups, giving students the opportunity to share their calligraphy designs and receive feedback from our tutors while keeping in touch with classmates. 


Course recordings are available for 6 months.

Having a tutor show you exactly where to make minor adjustments to their angles and positioning can make all the difference to picking calligraphy up quickly. Most teachers will do demonstrations so that you can watch them and see what to do firsthand. Learning together means you can chat about your lettering and get inspiration from each other, so it can be a great way of making new friends.

In-Person Class Features


We have a team of expert tutors around the country to guide and inspire you. We provide you with everything you need including detailed worksheets and template cards. Refreshments are usually included too, depending on the venue. Friendly and informal, these classes are designed to make learning this wonderful skill rewarding. 

This is your place, we have created it for you! It is somewhere to progress with your calligraphy, learn new skills and keep connected with other calligraphers. With tutors on hand, weekly meetings to attend, and themed challenges every month, you will enjoy creating new projects while your lettering improves and your knowledge expands. 

 Bursting with inspiration and motivation, members get instant access to all the chat, all the downloadable worksheets and templates and all the events. Members can attend every one of the weekly workshops, or watch the recording later. Plus members can arrange Zoom meetings with other members, to practice together whenever they choose.

The Modern Calligraphy Club 

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