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Choosing the Calligraphy Workshop for You

Not sure what workshop will suit you? Try an online or local workshop to see if you prefer working with a nib, or a brush pen. Once you have done that and have learned how to hold and control the pen or brush, our courses take your skills further.

Modern calligraphy can be done with a pointed nib, brush pen and a paint brush.

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Learning calligraphy using our Books.

If a workshop isn't for you, simply pick up one of our books and learn how to create modern calligraphy whilst creating simple projects. Each chapter teaches you another principle of modern calligraphy to help you create your own lovely lettering. If you think brush calligraphy is more your style than a nib, we have a book all about that too!!! Both these titles are for total beginners. 


If you already love modern calligraphy, but would like some inspiration to keep you going, have a look at our Little Book of Calming Calligraphy or the practice pad. Whichever one you go for, there are video tutorials to go with them. As it is easier to learn if you can watch someone doing it, Kirsten Burke shows you all the techniques you need to know.


Nib or Brush Calligraphy?

If you aren't sure of the difference between modern dip pen and brush pen calligraphy, and so not sure which workshop to choose, then here is a summary. Dip pen calligraphy is done with a pointed nib, it is perfect for creating fine, delicate work.

Brush pen is much quicker to pick up, and is better if you like free, larger sized hand lettering. It can be more expressive and it gives a more casual style.

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Left Hander or complete beginner.

Modern calligraphy is for everybody! We use universal pen holders which are suitable for right and left handers, over-writers, under-writers and also young people and children.

Our workshops are suitable for beginners, and you don't need to be artistic or crafty or have nice handwriting. You'll be guided through each step, and with our help you'll get lovely results and have a fun, relaxed and engaging time with us. We're passionate about encouraging people to take time out from their busy lives,  and allow themselves the simple pleasure of picking up a pen!


What do you need to start?

People are sometimes put off trying calligraphy with a penholder and nib, as they are worried about what to use. So, we are here to make it simple - we recommend a Leonardt 30 as most people that come on our beginner calligraphy workshops love it. It’s perfect for beginners as it’s easy to use, and is flexible enough to give you great thick and thin lines. Our 'Essential Calligraphy Kit' is an easy way to get started. It contains a penholder, my 3 favourite nibs, black ink and a tin to keep it all in.

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Is modern Calligraphy suitable for kids?

What is it about modern calligraphy that is attracting teenagers to this “vintage” method of lettering?Well, calligraphy is changing, it's becoming more casual; whilst modern calligraphy does owe something to the traditional styles, this more relaxed way of writing beautifully and creatively is extremely 

popular with teen girls and boys.  All our workshops are suitable for teenagers when accompanied by an adult. If you have a younger child that would like to come along, consider one of our Family Friendly Workshops. An adult needs to attend with them, so give it a try yourself, or perhaps granny or granddad might like to spend time with their grandkids, doing a craft that allows the generation gap to shrink. Children from the age of 9 get a huge amount from this simple and rewarding craft, we make the family workshops full of glitter and simple guides to follow, so book your place now.

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Can our Hen Party be a calligraphy workshop?

We run fabulously fun Hen Parties, where your group is shown how to create pretty lettering, while sipping a glass of bucks fizz! We provide a personalised photograph album for the Bride to Be, which everyone at the workshop writes a personal message to the couple in with their new calligraphy skills! 

If you're looking for an unusual and relaxed activity before the big day, then please get in touch with us.

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How long are the calligraphy classes?

Morning and evening classes are 2.5 hours. This may seem like a lot of time, but with figuring out the nib or brush, and starting to actually write some letters, this is actually a pretty nice pace to learn at. It leaves room to take small breaks, and sip on a coffee, with no sense of having to rush! We ensure everyone has a fun and relaxing time,  with plenty of tea, coffee, cold drinks and snacks!

Full day workshops are more immersive, running from 10am until 4pm, you have the chance to really get to grips with modern calligraphy. There's a delicious lunch provided, and plenty of time to get one on one guidance from the tutor and immerse yourself in all things calligraphic!

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What is brush calligraphy?

If you’re nervous to try a nib and ink, you can get similar results with a ‘brush pen’. The difference between brush pens and felt-tip pens is that brush pens have a flexible tip like a paintbrush so you can create thick and thin lines. A small brush pen like our dual tip brush pen, or the Pentel fude touch brush pen will allow you to enjoy modern calligraphy without having to dip into ink. Larger brush pens give you calligraphy that is far bigger, so if you would like to be able to create both small and large brush lettering, we recommend our Dual Tip Brush Pen as it is the only pen in the UK with two sizes of brush tip: one small, one large.

Twice the value as you get two pens in one!

Can't make it to a workshop?

We have lots of other ways for you to learn modern calligraphy.


YouTube Tutorials


Calligraphy Books


Calligraphy Blog


Live Stream Workshop

Register your interest in a calligraphy workshop near you.

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