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Pre-recorded Online Tutorials


These pre-recorded tutorials are packed with info and close-up demos. Purchase the downloadable workbook and the link to the tutorial will be supplied to be watched over and over again. 
You have Lifetime access.


Pause the tutorial whenever you like, and repeat it all if you feel like it. The link allows you to rewatch with no time restrictions. The link to the tutorial is on the front of the workbook, so you can begin as soon as you download those and have grabbed yourself a brush pen.


Friendly and informative, you will be guided step by step, so that you build up your skills quickly and easily. Available worldwide.


Pre-recorded Brush Calligraphy workshop for Beginners.


You will learn how to:

  • hold the brush pen correctly

  • use the brush pen to create calligraphy strokes and letter shapes

  • join letters to make words

  • discover how to bounce your calligraphy

  • create compositions by knitting your lettering

On purchase, you receive a 10-page PDF workbook to download and print at home, plus LIFETIME ACCESS to the workshop tutorial.


To access the tutorial, the link is on the front page of the workbook. This is your private link and gives you access to watch the video again and again.

This workshop requires you to have a brush pen. We recommend our Sailor Dual Tip which can be purchased via the link below, but a different medium-sized brush pen or paintbrush will work too!

This workshop includes close-up demonstrations and explanations. How to bounce your lettering, troubleshooting, and calligraphy designs to trace.

Give yourself at least 2 hours to complete the workshop. You can pause or stop the footage whenever you need to, and watch it as many times as you like. For extra practice, you can print the worksheets again.

* Please note:
this workshop does not include any equipment to keep the price low.
If you would like to purchase the brush pen we are using - you can buy it by clicking here.

Boredom busting workshops for 6-13 years. Kids are bursting with ideas & this beginner workshop will help them learn calligraphy quickly and easily.


On purchase, you will receive a 10-page lesson plan to download and print at home and access to our 15-minute instructional video. The code to access the video is on the front page of the worksheets for you to click through to a private link.


This workshop shows you how you can use anything to create calligraphy. You don't need to have any special equipment, any pens or brushes will work so raid your pencil case!


Learn the basic strokes and how to decorate your lettering using different techniques. Shadow, colour blend, and stipple your way through the afternoon with this fun tutorial. For extra practice, you can re-print the worksheets.

Pause or stop whenever you need to and watch as many times as you like. This workshop will take you an hour to complete.

* Please note:

this workshop does not include any equipment to keep the price low. If you would like to purchase a calligraphy kit before you take the class - you can buy it on this website.

Free Mini Tutorials


Perhaps you already know the basics and are looking for some ideas and inspiration. We post fun, helpful videos about calligraphy on our YouTube channel.

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