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Working closely with luxury brands to develop new calligraphy concepts, our team of highly trained artists enhances the campaigns of luxury labels by delighting their customers. From in-store events to event stationery, and calligraphic engraving, we pride ourselves in being the 'go-to' company for the most iconic brands in the world. We deliver quality and consistency across the U.K. and internationally, resulting in outstanding ROI for all our clients. 


Jill Hembling

Company Director


Jill has a vast and varied business management background. She has used this knowledge to build and grow The Modern Calligraphy Company brand into its incredible success today.

Her energy, drive, and enthusiasm ensure that every job is met with the highest level of skill, efficiency, and professionalism.


Cath James

Corporate Event Coordinator

With her communication skills as a key asset, Cath is able to communicate with clients, vendors effectively, and our in-house design team to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that every event runs smoothly. From logistics to budgeting and marketing, she’s adept at creating timelines and schedules, coordinating with multiple stakeholders, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.


Kristi Rasevicius

Online & London Tutor

Kristi discovered her passion for calligraphy around six years ago when she joined a local calligraphy club. Beginning with traditional calligraphy, she later transitioned to modern calligraphy and lettering, revealing in the diversity of scripts and styles and the creative freedom they offer.

Kristi finds great satisfaction in teaching others as calligraphy holds a significant place in her life, cherished for its calming and meditative qualities. The simple act of watching the ink flow brings her immense joy.

katie thornton_edited.jpg

Katie Jones

West Midlands Tutor


Katie became completely captivated by calligraphy after finishing her first online class in 2020. She adores the serene and contemplative nature of calligraphy and relishes the opportunity to customize nearly anything using her newfound skills.


Kirsten Burke

Creative Director


Master calligrapher and creative powerhouse, Kirsten inspires beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals alike.

Gaining a degree in Graphic Design, Kirsten went on to apprenticed with prominent figures in calligraphy, leveraging her grasp of classical scripts to ignite enthusiasm for contemporary styles in others.

She has written a series of books that teach modern calligraphy and has exhibited in art galleries.


Emily Goodwin


Emily works tirelessly to ensure every workshop attendee receives their kit.

She organises the corporate workshops as well as the many classes we run online for beginner calligraphers.


Holly Weeks

Online & London Tutor

Holly is a professional calligrapher based in London offering live calligraphy and engraving services for luxury brands and corporate clients.

She has been practicing modern calligraphy since 2016 and has extensive experience teaching beginner and advanced workshops, creating private commissions, and working closely with couples to design unique wedding stationery.

Rosie Parks bio photo_edited_edited.jpg

Rosie Parkes

Northern Ireland Tutor

With a wealth of experience in designing and delivering training within the charity sector, Rosie finds joy in imparting new skills to others, and calligraphy is no exception.

Since delving into pointed nib calligraphy in 2021, completing numerous courses, and practicing diligently every day, Rosie is fully prepared to lead you through our workshops and unveil your creative potential.


Maisie Minett

Workshop Coordinator


Maisie conducts calligraphy workshops for corporate clients and supports our team of workshop tutors across the UK. She ensures exceptional instruction, filled with passion, expertise, and clear guidance, no matter where you are located. Whether you're delving into watercolour lettering, copperplate wedding calligraphy, or anything in between, Maisie ensures a top-notch learning experience!


Alex Outlaw

Essex Area Tutor

Alex has a particular passion for creating word pictures with her calligraphy and runs a business designing and making personalised keepsakes and cards for special occasions that are fully bespoke and a true one-off.

With a background in teaching and performing arts, Alex is as comfortable in front of a class as she is creating beautiful keepsakes at our live events.

Emma Cox.jpg

Emma Cox

Online & Oxford Tutor


Emma in a left-handed calligrapher and she stumbled upon the therapeutic benefits of calligraphy during a period of burnout. Since then, she has been immersed in crafting wedding stationery and teaching for us online and in the Oxford area.

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 19.08.15.png

Amy Verse

East Sussex Tutor

Amy embarked on her calligraphy journey by attending a workshop with The Modern Calligraphy Co. which ignited a creative obsession. Transitioning her hobby into her profession, she has come full circle. As an inspiring and enthusiastic tutor, Amy delights in imparting her expertise and adoration for lettering to others.

Nadine team_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Nadine Handley

Studio Manager


Nadine plays a pivotal role in keeping our workshops current by coordinating venues and tutors. This ensures that we can provide inspiring calligraphy classes both online and in various regions across Great Britain. 


Vicy Daws

Online & East Midlands Tutor


Having fallen in love with calligraphy after handwriting all her own wedding stationery, Vicky went on to develop her skills and now leads regular workshops for us.

Vicky has an eclectic style and loves to switch up styles, whether it's highly polished or whimsical.

Kiasah Sanusi_edited.png

Kiasah Sanusi

Online & Dorset Tutor

Coming from a background in watercolour artistry, Kiasah discovered calligraphy through Instagram and hasn't turned back since. Her studio is nestled in Lyme Regis, situated on the picturesque Jurassic coast of Dorset. Balancing her business designing wedding stationery with the care of her three children keeps her happily occupied.


In 1997, Jill Hembling & Kirsten Burke set up their business- built on their love of modern calligraphy.

Fast forward 25 years, and they’ve sold more than 10 million greeting cards, created large-scale public artworks, written five books and run 1000’s of calligraphy events for leading brands including Jo Malone, BMW and Molton Brown with their team of more than 40 calligraphers (and counting) from all over the country. 


"I hope we’ve helped inspire others to pick up a pen or a brush and to fall in love with calligraphy. "In a fast pace world, this ancient skill, reinvented for today’s generation, has never been more popular and I feel proud and lucky to be part of this exciting and thriving industry."  Kirsten Burke

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