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Formula E


Formula E Grand Prix


Excel Centre, London

In this case study, we were hired by a large events agency to provide an extremely fast paced complimentary personalisation service for all attendees, for the entire duration of the event. 

The goal was to create a memorable and unique keepsake for the attendees while promoting sustainability and eco-friendly practices through the use of reusable water bottles.



  1. The events agency reached out to us several months in advance to discuss the requirements and logistics of the event.  Key points discussed included the desired design, bottle type, personalization method, production timeline, and the number of bottles needed.

  2. A sleek and eye-catching aluminium water bottle that featured the Formula E logo was personalized in volume, aligning with the event's sustainability objectives. 

  3. Each attendee's name was written by our team of artists on their respective bottles. The process was carefully managed to avoid errors and ensure a seamless experience for each attendee.

  4. On the day of the event, a designated area for attendees to watch their names being written on their bottles was set up. This added excitement to the event, as attendees were able to request particular colours for their custom bottles, reinforcing the event's branding and making each participant feel valued.


The customised bottles proved to be a hit with the attendees, generating positive feedback and enhancing the overall event experience.


Attendees appreciated the thoughtfulness and uniqueness of the keepsake, which aligned with the event's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.


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