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Multiple locations EMEA

In-person calligraphy workshops at TikTok headquarters across Europe

This project was evidence that for us, there is no such thing as last minute! 


Working with the agency AOK, in less than 3 weeks we planned and executed bespoke in-person Modern Calligraphy workshops for TikTok colleagues in 7 EMEA cities, plus a pre-recorded video workshop for use in other cities. 


The client wanted a skills workshop to support the comms plans for their brand values and engage colleagues in an enjoyable activity. 

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This case study explores a dynamic approach to Modern Calligraphy workshops conducted across various international destinations, complemented by a pre-recorded video for virtual offices and a grand Master event in London. The initiative aimed to provide a global learning experience and foster community engagement.


The workshops were aimed at teaching the fundamentals of calligraphy as well as integrating the brand values of the client, using TikTok's brand values as practice phrases.

The primary objective was to create an interactive and brand-centric learning experience for participants by introducing them to the fundamentals of modern calligraphy. The workshops aimed to be fun, inclusive, and confidence-building, aligning with TikTok's values.

We worked with the agency, and end client to design a comprehensive teaching plan covering the basics of modern brush pen calligraphy, focused on guiding participants through pen handling, letter forms, and the creation of beautiful words and phrases.


Calligraphy tutors traveled to various destinations, including Madrid, Amsterdam, Dubai, Berlin, Tel Aviv, and Dublin. The live workshops were tailored to each location's preferences and needs.


To cater to international offices without physical events, a pre-recorded video of the workshop was created. This video, aligned with the live sessions, was shared with 12 international offices for team-building events. Participants received worksheets and pens in advance.

A grand Master event was executed at the TikTok London Head Office. This event was designed not only for TikTok colleagues but also extended to include their loved ones. It served as a friends and family open-house event, enhancing community engagement.


Within three weeks we pulled off a fabulous series of Modern Calligraphy team building workshops for 19 locations through EMEA, 7 of which were taught in person.


It was possible for our tutors to fly with the materials for each event in hand luggage, reducing the need for complicated shipments of workshop materials and keeping things simple.


The client feedback was excellent - we'd understood their aims, created on-brand content, delivered highly skilled tuition and bespoke materials to multiple international locations, and the attendees loved the workshops.

Client comment: "The event was absolutely fantastic - the buzz was incredible and I'm so glad there was so much interaction with the calligraphy."

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