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‘The Modern Calligraphy Co.’

Since 1997, when we first started out as Kirsten Burke Calligraphy, our goal was to share the joy that modern calligraphy can bring. Through passion and dedication this has now become very much a team effort! Now ‘The Modern Calligraphy Co.’ with a new website, a new name, but with the SAME passion & core value.

We love what we do, and we love sharing it with people. Concerns that we hear time and time again are “... my handwriting is terrible, will that matter?” or “..isn’t it just for women?”, our answer is absolutely not! Modern calligraphy is a world away from the formal scribe you may think of when hearing the word ‘calligraphy’.

Our workshops introduce you to the world of Modern Calligraphy. The more playful, but just as loved sibling of traditional calligraphy! With this form of calligraphy making mistakes is fine, in fact we encourage it! It is through making mistakes and really getting into the flow of calligraphy, that you get to benefit the most from this wonderful craft. You can decide to come to a workshop for an evening, a full day or as a family, the choice is yours.

Our website has information about each workshop, and we are always happy to help if you need a little extra guidance. Throughout the year we also run special seasonal workshops such as Wedding Workshops and Christmas Card Workshops which are always very popular.

Calligraphy workshops are a wonderful way to spend time as a family.

At our Family Friendly workshops young and old can learn how to create lovely lettering with a dip pen, or with brush pens. Girls and boys become totally engrossed, and it's lovely to see them giving their parents a few tips on how to improve!

A calligraphy workshop is also a great way to help older children, especially teenagers, young adults and adults who struggle with self-esteem issues, anxiety and depression. Research by the University College of London has shown that calligraphy has proven results in helping in these areas.

Our workshops are set within our unique Victorian studio in West Sussex. With lofty vaulted ceilings and double barn doors, the gorgeous windows are awash with natural light. The studio fills with people, of different ages, from different backgrounds, eagerly full of anticipation and excitement.

On warm summer days the barn doors are opened, and the bird song drifts in on the summer breeze. We enjoy a delicious buffet lunch outside on a full day class, in between our learning! As you can imagine, as Autumn draws nearer this space becomes a cosy den, a place to forget the outside world. Book for our Morning Dip Pen Workshop on the 10th October, full details are here.

Most importantly our workshops are a calm space for you to learn at your own pace, amongst like-minded individuals, with good food and great encouragement.

Because of the growing popularity in calligraphy, we are expending our classes nationwide. With our fantastic ambassadors delivering the same, carefully structured course, you will be able to become enchanted by the escapism that calligraphy offers. Our first Nationwide classes will be starting in Cheltenham and Worcester this September. If you would like to be notified as soon as they are ready to book, please sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you updated. You will find the link at the bottom of the web page.

The concentration in focusing on the pressure you apply to a nib ora brush lets ones mind clear, this is mindfulness at work. Escape the stresses of every day life for a few hours and enjoy learning something new. We are here to show you how.

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