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Halloween Inspiration

As the summer days seem to draw lazily to a close and the autumn breeze picks up, we wrap up a little warmer. Our workshop in Birdham is nestled amongst the trees, and as their leaves slowly begin to change colour, our imagination fills with pumpkins, warm spices, moonlight and just a little magic! The first signs of Autumn send excitement through the office, as we finalise the details for our magical Halloween Family Workshop on Tuesday 29th October. Find full details here.

Our family workshop is perfect for beginners, where you will be introduced to working with brush pens, dip pens and have a go at different lettering techniques. It is also a lot of fun learning something new with someone you love. To keep you energised a lovely selection of treats both naughty and nice will be on standby from fruit, cookies, and cakes as well as a section of soft drinks, cordials and hot beverages. We also offer vouchers for our workshops if you would like give them as a gift.

At The Modern Calligraphy Company we enjoy celebrating the creative side of Halloween, traditionally carving a pumpkin is the first thought, but we like to take things one step further.

Other great statements to try: Pumpkins glow by moonlight Trick or Treat Hocus Pocus

Traditionally we all carve pumpkins on Halloween, but they make great statement pieces to write on.

First paint a pumpkin in a block colour such a white, and then use a contrasting colour to write on it such as black to create your spooky message. Do you have a favourite quote from a play or a film that invokes the feeling of magic? We have taken inspiration from Shakespeare with ‘Fire burn cauldron bubble’. You can then embellish the pumpkin with coloured gems, wouldn’t this pumpkin would look great on your doorstep?! If you would like to see Kirsten working on different surfaces, watch her tutorial on YouTube.

As you can see, Halloween is a great chance to experiment with writing on different surfaces whilst decorating your house for a party, or creating party favours. Delight your friends with goody bags personalised with their names or with different spooky phrases, then fill with sweet treats.

Experiment writing on glass, such as a mirror, picture frame, or window and write a Halloween message! Or perhaps write a greeting across your doorstep welcoming guests to your Halloween party using chalk pens. Have you tried chalk pens, edible icing, ink or chocolate to write calligraphy with? The only limit is your imagination!

Whether you want to create a frightful Halloween or an enchanting evening, playing around with the style of your penmanship is part of the fun with modern calligraphy. Varying your technique can alter the overall mood, however you spend your Halloween we hope it is full of family fun!

Have a look at our Pinterest for more Halloween inspiration.

If you're interested in booking our Halloween workshop- it is beginner level and children of 9 years or older can be booked in on their own, or come along with their parents, friends, or grandparents etc. Children younger than 9 will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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