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Turning your Passion into a Job

How would it feel to turn your love of calligraphy into your career? Really quite exciting?! Sound like a dream?! Well it can become your reality - want to know more? Then keep reading.

Turning your treasured hobby into a career really is possible with the help and guidance we offer in our workshop series about just this! . Here at The Modern Calligraphy Company we’ve created the first ever 'Build a Career' in calligraphy course. Focused on In-store Calligraphy, it provides insights and training for live events. Designed to give you the skills and confidence needed to be able to perform at the highest level, for the most prestigious brands. Event calligraphy is an extremely competitive field, so giving your client exactly what they are hoping for from you and your services is imperative.

During this online course, consisting of three, two hour sessions, we explain what goes on behind the scenes; the expectations of clients and the criteria you need to fulfil to be able to join our national team of calligraphers around the country.

The Build a Career course is a brilliant opportunity to join our lovely calligraphy team, meet new people, travel and share your love of calligraphy. Don’t just take our word for it though, we caught up with some of our newest team members, who are all part of our team now, having attended the last course that we ran.

Mathilda Lundin summed it up beautifully: “To me it’s just something about sitting down and creating a design by hand that feels so thoughtful, and connects you to people. So many things are online these days that it’s just amazing to sit down and do something away from the screen. It feels very calming.” In such an online world, it is clear that calligraphy offers a respite from scrolling.

Another of our calligraphy team is Claire Delfont, who came to our last pointed nib masterclass. She adds “It’s difficult to focus on anything else when you are doing calligraphy, so it is good for the soul!” This is one of the reasons we love calligraphy and why we love a career away from the emails. Claire also mentioned how lovely it is to bring a smile to people’s faces through “something as simple as seeing their names written beautifully.” There’s huge amounts of pleasure in helping someone add that extra special touch to their gift.

We asked our newest team members what they loved most about the Build a Career course. Laura Prudence attended and she told us: “It was incredibly interesting to learn about event calligraphy, how to adapt my own style to meet a client’s brief.”

Laura, also touched on learning about what goes on behind the scenes: “I hadn’t realised how much planning goes on before a calligrapher goes into a store! As there are very few opportunities to do this, I really enjoyed meeting other calligraphers and swapping experiences and advice. If you like to keep challenging your calligraphy, events are a great way to do so. You can broaden your skill set whilst working."

Nyree Forster highlighted that one if the most important thing she gained from the brush masterclass that she attended was "how to figure out which brushes and nibs work best for you, then practise with them.” We couldn’t agree more.

Another new member of our team, Vicky Daws, reiterated this message, saying the number one reason you should attend a Masterclass is “to be inspired to keep going and you’ll absolutely get there if you practise, practise, practise.”

These latest members of the team are currently adding that Modern Calligraphy touch to Christmas presents up and down the country for the luxury brands that we work with.

So if you love the sound of all the above, and want to have the confidence to do events work by learning the skills you need to join our team, then book your place now. Our next round of events include Chinese New Year, Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.

Our next Build a Career course in 'In-store' Calligraphy is ready to be booked, so be sure to be there as we keep groups small, so that we can give lots of attention to everyone attending.

It really is an exciting time to be part of our growing modern calligraphy team. Places are limited, so book now to avoid disappointment and start 2020 with an exciting new opportunity.

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