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Join us throughout the month of May and get involved in some fun, creative challenges. We invite you to use the hashtag #TMCCCalligramay, so that we can see your creations and share a few each day on our Instagram Stories!


Each week we've provided a prompt that features a shape and a theme to make your own calligram (picture made from words) - alternatively, you can opt to trace over our template using your own choice of colours and embellishments. You can find information about the weekly shapes and themes by clicking on the images below.

We encourage you to be as creative as you wish - if you feel called to add illustrations or decorations to your calligraphy, please do! Perhaps the colours you choose could be inspired by the object of the prompt - a long quote would create the whole shape, or a list of names or places could be used to create the shape. You might like to experiment using a pointed nib if usually you prefer a brush pen, or have a go with watercolour if generally, you’re a fan of Copperplate!

The aim of this month-long series of challenges is to spark your imagination and give you the opportunity to try out some interesting compositions. We're excited to see what you come up with and remember - please be sure to use the hashtag #TMCCCalligraMay so that we don’t miss your posts or stories...and don't be shy, post as many as you'd like, there's no limit!


Each week we'll be selecting a winner who will receive a luxury Sakura sketchbook as a prize.

We've created some free downloadable templates to help inspire you - whether you decide to use these or create your own calligraphs, by using the hastag #TMCCCalligraMay on Instagram or Facebook, we'll be able to see and share your fabulous creations.

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