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Manuscript 2 in 1 Penholder

This pretty penholder can be used in two ways. Slide the metal flange out to insert the nib directly into the barrel, and use it as a straight pen holder. Slide the nib towards the cut in the holder to hold the nib securely.


To use it as an oblique holder, slide the flange back into the holder as far as it will go, and slip the nib into the brass flange. You can tighten the flange with pliers if you need to.

Choose from Mint or Metallic Rainbow, this penholder will balance well due to the long slim body, and the lightweight plastic prevents any corrosion from happening.  Select to purchase with the Leonardt 256 nib that is shown here, or without. This penholder is made for regular, standard-sized nibs.

Manuscript 2 in 1 Penholder

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