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Practice Bundle

The Practice pack is a great gift for anyone that wants to begin to learn, or simply improve their calligraphy skills. Our Practice Pad has alphabets samples to follow, and guideline pages to use. Fill them with your calligraphy and develop your style. Included in this gift bundle is a wooden pen holder, three pointed nibs (Principle EF, Leonardt 256 and Leonardt 30)  a 15ml pot of black calligraphy ink, and glass jars with 30ml of yellow, turquoise and magenta calligraphy inks. 


All made in the U.K. 


Practice Bundle

  • The Practice Pad with alphabets, guidelines, and tips to improve.

    The Essential Calligraphy Kit; Wooden Pen holder, a Principle EF Nib, Leonardt 256 and Leonardt 30 nibs, a small black ink plus a metal tin for storage.

    Calligraphers Ink: Vivid shades of yellow, magenta, and turquoise to use with the nibs from the kit. Our inks are a special blend of pigment with acrylic, to give fantastic flow from the nib.

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