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Brush Pen Online Workshop

This workshop will take you from how to hold a brush pen to making calligraphic words and motivational quotes. It's perfect for beginners and allows you to rewatch as often as you like.

On purchase, you will receive a 10-page workbook to download and print at home. Access to our 30-minute instructional video is given on the front page of the workbook. You can click the link and go straight there, through to your own private link.


* You will need a brush pen or paintbrush and ink to complete this workshop. We use the KB Sailor Brush Pen which you can purchase here.


This workshop includes close-up demonstrations and explanations. How to bounce your lettering, troubleshooting, and calligraphy designs to trace.

Please give yourself at least 2 hours to complete the workshop. Pause or stop the footage whenever you need to, and watch as many times as you like. For extra practice, you can print the worksheets again.

* Please note:
this workshop does not include any equipment to keep the price low.
If you would like to purchase the brush pen we are using - you can buy it by clicking here.

Brush Pen Online Workshop

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