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Kids Brush Calligraphy Starter Kit

Give your kids the gift of creativity.
This box of tricks will inspire any youngster to put down their phones and pick up a pen.

Everything they need is included in this pretty box. This set includes the latest calligraphy must have; a brush pen- and this one has a brush at both ends! This means it can write big or small lettering with the flip of the pen.

Create colourful lettering using the smaller brush included, and pretty background washes with the larger brush. A paint palette and a bottle of ink gives you lots of colour options. With lessons, an alphabet to follow and a practice pad, your children will have huge fun getting creative with brush calligraphy.

We've included a selection of cards, envelopes, and templates to work over.

Unique brush lesson plans are included, to help budding young calligraphers create beautiful letterforms. Any child can learn the art of calligraphy with the simple step by step guide.

Kids Brush Calligraphy Starter Kit

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