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Finetec Coliro Metallic Colour Palette - Various Colours Available

The stunning metallic shine created by Colorio Finetec paints is second to none. Handmade in Germany, these beautiful paints can be mixed with water and used with either a brush or a nib to add glistening metallic vibrance to any piece. 


These paints are waterbased and contain mica, a naturally occurring mineral, which catches the light. This is mixed with Gum Arabic to create a lightfast super shimmery opaque colour that looks absolutely gorgeous from your first stroke! At The Modern Calligraphy Co, we use these paints constantly. They're extremely high quality, long-lasting and the range of colours cover everything you could want. You can never ruin them by adding too much water, it will simply evaporate leaving the shining block of colour behind.

For tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your palette head to our helpful video on Youtube - Secrets of Modern Calligraphy No.9- Finetec


Colours contained in each palette are as follows:


Autumn: Vermilion, Indian Summer, Peach, Golden Olive, Jungle, and Black Forest.


Candy: Stardust, Arabic Gold, Golden Orange, Pink, Apple Green and Peacock Blue.


    Earth: Tibet Gold, Bronze, Golden Orange, Red Brown, Red and Chocolate.


    Vibrant: Vibrant Yellow, Vibrant Orange, Vibrant Pink, Vibrant Purple, Vibrant Blue and Vibrant Green.


    Ocean: Blue Pearl, Green Pearl, Blue Silver, Blue Green, Moss Green and Midnight Blue.


    Gold & Silver: Tibet Gold, Inca Gold, Arabic Gold, Gold Pearl, Moon Gold and Sterling Silver.


    Finetec Coliro Metallic Colour Palette - Various Colours Available

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