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Calligraphy Beginner Series Part 5 - Uppercase Letters of the Alphabet

If you have watched the YouTube tutorials so far, you now know how to use your nib and ink, and how to form the shapes that make up the alphabet. In my video I show you exactly where to move your page, when to move your wrist and where to use the shapes we worked on last time. If you missed the previous tutorial, you can watch it here. If you would like to work along with me you download the worksheets, print them off and follow the YouTube video that goes with this blog.

You need to use a pointed nib, or any other tool that has a point with some flexibility to it. A brush pen, or even a soft pencil such as a 2B will work. Traditional nibs that have a flat end won't work, as the way you make the contrast of line is done in a different way.

Modern calligraphy is about self-expression, so the letters I teach are just a starting point. You don't have to make your style the same as this, by using this simple style I am able to show you where the thick downstrokes go, where you would make the stroke thinner, and why you might alter the thickness in some places.

Understanding the foundations of where to put the 'weight' of the letter means that you can move forward with your calligraphy. Knowing the basic principles allows you to practice, getting it right. When you do this it does become an automatic response, you will instinctively push when you are forming a downstroke, your transitions will be smooth and in the right places, and you will always go gently when there's an upstroke. So print off the worksheets and watch number 5 in my Beginner Series of Calligraphy Tutorials where I show you how to form the uppercase letters.

When you come to the end of a letter, avoid the temptation of flicking the last stroke. Calligraphy is about control, so flicks can make your lettering look scruffy. Whether you're using a nib or a brush pen, make the final stroke of every word as delicate and considered as you can to give your lettering a refined look.

I will look forward to seeing you next time where I will show you how to make the lowercase alphabet and how to blend colours in your calligraphy.

Happy Lettering!


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