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Secrets of Modern Calligraphy Book

This fantastic book will take you by the hand and lead you through each step of modern calligraphy. Each chapter teaches you more skills, building your understanding and ability. It's packed with tips and tricks plus pull-out art cards, so that you can put your calligraphy on the wall to inspire you to keep going.


We have taken advantage of technology and put QR codes in where we think a skill might be difficult to grasp. The QR's link to a video of Kirsten showing you what you have just read in the chapter so that you can copy her exactly. 


This book is being discontinued and we only have a few left in stock.


See also our 'Essential Modern Calligraphy Kit', which is all you need to go with the book to start your calligraphy journey!




Secrets of Modern Calligraphy Book

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