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Liquid Masking Fluid

Writing in masking fluid is odd. It’s a bit like writing with glue!
This one is grey so that you can’t see what you’re writing. Once it is dry, cover your calligraphy with a wash and wait for that to dry too. Then you can rub away the grey gum which doesn’t mark the page, so all that is revealed is the paper through your design.

Despite the challenges, working in masking fluid is fantastic when you want your calligraphy to pop out from a dark wash. Combine with our inks to create washes as they work beautifully. The brightness this gives your lettering can’t be matched using white ink or paint over the top of a wash. Dilute it slightly before you use it so that it flows from your nib. If you use a paintbrush you will need a brush designed for the job.


Liquid Masking Fluid

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