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Calligraphy Pen Holder with Nib

This wooden pen holder comes in turquoise, complete with the Leonardt 30 pointed nib. The perfect choice for modern calligraphy and our most popular nib for modern calligraphy.

  • This is a dip pen, so you will need to have ink or paint at the ready. It doesn't have an ink cartridge like a fountain pen does. If you would like inks for you callligraphy, our pigment based inks are the perfect choice.

  • This pen holder is universal so will accommodate other nibs.

  • Click here to see our storage tin, perfect to keep your calligraphy nibs in.

  • If you are unsure about putting your pen together, or any other info about starting calligraphy then watch our video tutorials here.

Calligraphy Pen Holder with Nib

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