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Brush Pen Complete Bundle

Brush pen calligraphy is fun and adaptable, and this bundle is a treat. Brush pens fall into 2 camps, felt and fibre. They behave very differently, so it is a good idea to try before you buy! This set gives you that opportunity, as included is our black brush pen, (felt) so that you can work big or small; a coloured Koi brush pen (felt), plus the amazing Pentel Art brush (fibre). Try out both types of brush pens, blend the colours together and complete each of the skills and the pull out templates within the book.


Colours may vary slightly, but will always work well together for blending. 

Brush Pen Complete Bundle

  • Secrets of Brush Calligraphy Book This book for beginners teaches everything in bite-sized chapters. Pull-out cards are at the back to complete so that you get a sense of achievement as you learn.

    The Kirsten Burke Sailor Brush Pen This dual tip brush pen has two brushes - one small and one large, so you can create different-sized brush lettering with the turn of a pen! Both ends have a rich black tone which is permanent, so won’t run or smudge.

    Sakura Koi Colouring Brush Pen. We use these brush pens in our workshops as they are water-based which means they blend easily, allowing you to create effects within your lettering. Use water brushes for watercolour wash effects or gradations.

    Pentel Colour Brush Pen Pentel colour brush pens can create beautiful, vivid, watercolour effects and the resilient Nylon fibre tip retains its shape time after time and resists fraying. The valve-activated barrel allows the ink to flow easily, without leaking, then dries quickly on the page.

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