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Brush Pen Pen Blending Bundle

With the four primary colours and a blending brush, a rainbow of shades are possible. Have fun discovering how these 'juicy' colours can create wonderfully bright, blended lettering.


Included in this bundle is an A5 Rhodia Dot Pad, Brush A5 Alphabet template and a 5-pack of Ecoline brush pens: yellow, magenta, blue and black plus a blender brush. To mix an entirely custom colour, you can put the desired colours onto a non-absorbent surface (such as plastic) and use the blender pen to mix and apply your newly created colour. This also works with just one colour to blend your colour into the paper to create a gradient.


Choose to personalise the box with the message or name of your choice.


Watch us create a calligraphy artwork using these brush pens.

Brush Pen Pen Blending Bundle

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