Covid Secure Workshops

Welcome Back!

We are pleased to say that as a COVID secure venue, we are able to continue hosting workshops in our studios. We hope that being able to attend our workshops will give our students a much-needed opportunity to learn and relax in safety when so many other options are unavailable.

We take safety at our workshops seriously and we will do everything necessary to keep you safe and have a great workshop. If you have any questions that aren't covered on this page, please do give us a call.


We have devised a workshop hygiene procedure for all tutors to follow.


This includes wiping all equipment and surfaces with Steri-Dri alcohol sanitiser before and after every class.


All clip boards, ink jars, tables, and work surfaces as well as door handles, light switches and taps will have been cleaned with Steri-Dri.

Likewise, all furniture will be cleaned and sanitised before and after each workshop.

In the bathroom we have paper towels, and there are anti-bac wipes to use on bathroom taps and handles after use.



When you arrive, please wear a face covering to enter the studio and we will show you to your seat.


Once you are seated you can remove your mask, but please use it again if you move around the studio, for example to use the bathroom.

Please keep to the current social distancing rules, which at the moment are keeping 2m distance, or 1m plus another measure such as a mask. 

Work stations are placed 2m apart, though bubble members are welcome to be seated closer together by advance request. Please do not move chairs from where they are placed.

We ask you to please use the sanitiser units around the studio if you move around.


Please bring your own face covering. You do not need to wear it when seated, but are welcome to keep it on if you prefer.

During the workshop we will practice 'no touch teaching' and endeavour to assist you this way as much as possible.


However, if you need more assistance, just ask, put on your mask and we will put on PPE and can then make adjustments where necessary to your positioning or materials, at a closer distance, safely.

Staff will wear appropriate PPE when handling food and drinks, which will be served to you at your table.


Recently the ‘rule of six’ came in, and as a COVID secure venue, we are able to continue hosting over 6 students but ask you to please not attend in groups of more than six. 

We have been keeping windows open at our studio for extra ventilation, and will keep doing so as long as we can maintain a reasonable temperature. You may want to bring a jumper, but if you'd like us to open or close  a window near you, just let us know!

You will be able to try and buy your favourite products at discounted prices from the counter, where there will be a protective screen in place. We prefer card payments but can still take cash . 

Please contact us and do not attend the studio if you are feeling ill, or may have been exposed to the virus.

Zoom Workshops

We’re also offering live-streamed workshops as an alternative, for those who prefer to stay home, but wish to benefit from face to face instruction from our master calligraphers.


These sessions are available as a group or one to one. Please check our workshop page for more details.

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