Our Books

We all love the sense of peace that working with our hands gives us. Add to that the stunning results you achieve with our friendly, clear and creative tuition!

Our books break down how to use a pointed nib and create modern calligraphy into simple projects. Each chapter teaches you another basic principles of modern calligraphy to help you to be able to create your own lovely lettering. If you think brush calligraphy is more your style, we have a book all about that too!!! Both these titles are for total beginners.


If you already love modern calligraphy, but would like some inspiration to keep you going, have a look at our Little Book of Calming Calligraphy or the practice pad. Whichever one you go for, there are video tutorials to go with them. As it is esier to learn if you can watch someone doing it, Kirsten Burke shows you all the techniques you need to know.

Demonstrations & guided exercises

Brush or Pen Calligraphy?

Left handers, complete beginners & children…

Maisie Minett

Maisie runs the workshops, giving you lots of 'one on one' time, as well as inspiring and enlightening group demonstrations. She packs the class full of tips and expert knowledge, as she follows a carefully structured lesson plan.

The Studio

Welcome to the Kirsten Burke studio, a converted Victorian Substation - the perfect place to get creative.


Rollover Map

Our nationwide Modern Calligraphy Co. workshops will be rolling out from September! We can’t wait to share our passion and expertise with budding calligraphers all over the country.


If you’d like to enquire about a course near you, please register your interest below.

Children and Family Workshops

Calligraphy workshops are a wonderful way to spend time as a family. Young and old can learn how to create lovely lettering with a dip pen, or with brush pens. Girls and boys become totally engrossed, and it's lovely to see them giving their parents a few tips on how to improve!

Enjoy tips, tricks and techniques on our Youtube channel here and if you subscribe you’ll be notified when we post new videos.

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