Kirsten Burke's Calligraphy Ink

Kirsten Burke’s Calligraphy Inks available in Black, Yellow, Turquoise or Pink. Or why not get them all for the price of 3!

Our rich pigment inks have been specially created for calligraphers. Pigment inks are less likely to feather and bleed.

These inks are suitable for working with a nib, or brush. If you want a shimmer finish, why not add some of the finetec paints (also available from our store).

We do reccommend using good quality practice paper, such as Rhodia (dot pads available on our online store)

Each colour comes in a 15ml glass container with screw top lid. Shake or mix well before each use and please store tightly sealed when not in use to prevent drying out.

Kirsten Burke's Calligraphy Ink


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