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Calligraphy can Combat Anxiety!

With the growing trend of calligraphy sweeping the nation, we were excited to be commissioned to write a guide especially for the Mail on Sunday. The focus of the guide was to share the mindfulness techniques of calligraphy, whilst providing easy to follow templates for those just starting out in calligraphy. The 16-page guide included basic strokes, about modern styles as well as the alphabet and fun phrases to use.



Many of us long to find a way to switch off from our busy lives and find a moment of peace and relaxation. New research from University College London has revealed the positive effects of calligraphy and other creative hobbies on our emotional health and well-being. Being creative can help relieve stress, free up “mind space” and improve self-development, which helps build self-esteem.

So whether you are looking for a creative hobby to try at home or to join one of our friendly and relaxing calligraphy workshops, The Modern Calligraphy Co invites you to take the first step on your calligraphy journey. So why not pick up a pen and let your worries wash away, as you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of calligraphy.

Move over adult colouring in, calligraphy is here and gaining momentum to become the most popular mindfulness technique of 2019! Our goal has always been to inspire others to share our joy of calligraphy, the joy of creating something unique and the ability to have a moment of peace simply by picking up a pen. It’s important to know that you don’t have to have great handwriting or a flair for art to reap the benefits of calligraphy and progress to create your own ‘Insta worthy’ unique work.  

In the guide you can learn some of my secret tips & tricks like body position, breathing, ink flow and what kit you will need. Don’t feel you need to spend a fortune on kit. You can get beginners kits for under £15 or you can even start with a soft 2B pencil and regular printing paper if you don’t want to buy anything. 

If you missed our free guide, check out our YouTube channel for guidance perfect for both beginners and those of you looking for the next challenge! We regularly post new videos, so please do subscribe to our channel.


Increasingly we are all looking for experiences and the chance to learn something new, marking a shift from the instant gratification of buying something that is in all likelihood going to end up redundant in the near future. Calligraphy is a wonderful craft to learn with others and here at our quirky workshop in West Sussex, we regularly hold workshops, for half or full days.  We will soon be rolling them out across the UK too.

We celebrate the joy of creating with a sociable atmosphere including food and a cheeky glass of wine to get those creative juices flowing! Come on your own or in a group, we are a friendly bunch and aim to provide guidance whilst making sure everyone is having fun. 

If you can’t make it to one of our workshops, don’t worry, we have the perfect calligraphy starter kit on sale in our online store or click through to Amazon to buy. The kit comes with lessons, hints and tips and all the bits you need to get started. 

We have a great selection calligraphy supplies too, ranging from different pens, inks and downloadable templates. Did you know we have also written four books on Modern Calligraphywith signed copies available online in our store?


We love to see your calligraphy work, share it with us on Facebook and Instagram using #MindfulCalligraphy

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