01/11 - Automatic Pen, exclusive online with Master Calligrapher Kirsten Burke PM

A rare and exclusive opportunity to learn with Kirsten Burke - £100
01/11 - Automatic Pen, exclusive online with Master Calligrapher Kirsten Burke PM

Time & Location

01 Nov, 19:00 – 21:00

About the Event

Automatic Pen, a livestream event with Master Calligrapher Kirsten Burke

A rare and exclusive chance to learn directly from this inspiring, world renowned calligrapher

We're delighted to offer this special online workshop to a few inspired calligraphy-lovers - tickets are limited!

Master Calligrapher and creative trailblazer Kirsten Burke is taking time out of her schedule to offer this rare opportunity to learn directly from her.

During this two-hour live stream workshop, you'll have full access to Kirsten's extensive knowledge and expertise - something that doesn't happen very often, so we're extremely excited to be able to offer it!

Together with Kirsten, you'll look at how to use various techniques to form expressive lettering, unique to you. Kirsten is known for her gestural, mark-making aesthetic - a style that lends itself perfectly to the speed and energy involved in automatic pen lettering. She will show you how the creativity and gestures of the scribe, along with the splashes and splatters of the pen, come together to form a one-of-a-kind, spectacular work of art.

This special workshop explores the sensory reactions we have to hand-lettering, throwing a light on the exciting balance between happy accidents and pen control. With the right amount of force, an automatic pen lifts on its edge to create a hairline that can become a flourish, and if you work quickly, splashes of ink will fire from it when the corner of the blade catches on the surface of your paper and create an eye-catching spray of colour!

In the mid-1950s, most posters for shops were lettered using a brush. Originally invented as a tool for creating large-scale lettering, the automatic pen was designed to replace the brush lettering and ‘automatically’ do the solid, thick downstroke. Popular with Blackletter calligraphers, they can be used to create medieval styles that work in the same way as a broad-edged nib.

You will also look at how to form an alphabet using fast, frantic marks, layers of colour and a dynamic lettering - you'll look at the small 'caps' alphabet, which can be created with a brush or nib to compliment the artwork you complete.

By the end of your time with Kirsten, not only will you feel fantastically inspired and empowered to continue creating expressive, confident lettering, you'll have created your very own artwork to enjoy (or perhaps gift to a loved one) along with the memories of time spent with a true master of their discipline.

Your Kit

In advance of your workshop, you will receive:

- A3 traditional white Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper (this is extremely high quality, mould-made, 100% cotton paper that is both chlorine and acid-free. 

-  Size 4 automatic pen

-  Beautiful red, blue and yellow pigment ink

- A small paint brush

In addition to your kit, Kirsten will prepare a template of your chosen names for you to use during this special workshop. So, not only will you be learning directly from Kirsten Burke herself, but she'll be hand-making your templates! (This doesn't happen often, so don't miss out!) 

You will be asked to provide your name (or the name you'd like Kirsten to write for your template) during the booking process.

System requirements

This workshop will be hosted via Zoom. All you need is a PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet. We wouldn't recommend a phone as we will be very small on your screen. Your Zoom invite will come with your booking email confirmation, and we'll send it to you again 3 days before your workshop in your reminder email. After you've booked please check your Spam folder in case the email ends up in there!

You can find the full system requirements here.

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