Online Calligraphy Workshops

An online workshop is a wonderful way to learn calligraphy, as you are able to watch your tutor demonstrate up close on your screen so that every letter stroke and movement of the pen and hand is magnified and easy to follow. Most of our workshops are suitable for complete beginners — no experience is necessary. Beyond Beginner workshops are for those that already have the basics under their belts and want to expand their knowledge.

Book one of our workshops in confidence that you will be in safe hands. All our tutors are lovely and will demonstrate and guide you. Once you book your ticket, we post everything you need to your home.


Where to start as a Complete Beginner.

Pointed nib calligraphy is the best place to start. You learn the processes that are fundamental to all modern calligraphy, but because the nib forces you to go slowly it is a good place to begin.


The historical predecessor to what is known as modern calligraphy.

Go back to the beginnings with this formal script which has strict rules to follow.


Don't stop, keep learning.

If an introduction class has got your attention, join us and try new techniques and additional challenges.


Brush Pen is the free spirted version of the nib!

Once you understand the basic principle, begin to experiment with brush pens. Just like a nib, the thick and thin lines which make calligraphy distinctive are made by changing the pressure applied.

Automatic Pen Image 1.png

Expect the unexpected here.

Guest tutors & one off treats.

Discover a new hobby and how focusing on forming letters can transport you to a calm and tranquil place.

brushpen workshop.jpg

Learn at your leisure.

If you aren't sure when you can commit to sitting down to learn, download the worksheets and watch whenever you want to.


Use a paint brush to create stunning calligraphy.

The term 'modern' encompasses calligraphy created using a pointed nib, a paintbrush, or a brush pen.  Once you have learnt to write with a brush you can apply lettering to any surface.


Take your skills further with our weekly online courses.

Build up your skills week by week with structured worksheets, homework ideas and knowledgeable tutors.


Put a face to a name.

All our tutors are lovely and will demonstrate and guide you. Once you book your ticket, we post everything you need to your home.

If your area isn't listed, register an interest and we will look into offering workshops where you are.