Blue Paper Structures

Modern calligraphy embraces personal expression - it's playful and fun, so with just a few techniques under your belt, you too can make lettering with style.

The term 'modern' encompasses calligraphy created using a pointed nib, a paintbrush, or a brush pen. These tools all make the thick and thin lines which make calligraphy distinctive by changing the pressure applied.


Would you like to learn calligraphy but are unsure where to start?!

Let us guide you...

Brush Pen


What is Modern Calligraphy?

Pointed Nib


Where to start as a Complete Beginner?

All our workshops are named 'Beginner' or 'Beyond Beginner'. The 'Beginner' category is for anyone who has had no experience or might have done a little calligraphy many years ago.

Book one of our workshops in confidence that you will be in safe hands. All our tutors are lovely and will demonstrate and guide you. Once you book your ticket, we post everything you need to your home.

Blue Paper Structures

Which kind of Calligraphy is Best to Start With?

Pointed nib calligraphy is the best place to start. You learn the processes that are fundamental to all modern calligraphy, but because the nib forces you to go slowly it is a good place to begin.


Once you understand the basic principle, then you can begin to experiment with brush pens and paintbrushes!

If you don't fancy a workshop we have a series of books to learn from. The best thing for a beginner is Secrets of Modern Calligraphy and if you buy it with our calligraphy set, you will have all you need to begin.